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FLORIDA Certified
" Green Guides"

Electric  Canoes

Go silently and hands free into the backwaters for adventures not often seen or experienced in the area's wider creeks and rivers.

Providing balanced ecosystems for ponds and gardens.
Eastern Pondhawks
Erythemis simpliciollis

Located at the "Gates" of Tate's Hell State Forest, Pine Log Creek and the Crooked River.


Field and On-Site analysis using HACH DR, EPA approved methods.

Aquatic Sciences

Pond Management

Aquatic Plant Control and Management for Ponds and Water Gardens using Biological and Mechanical methods.

Black-water Backwater adventures

A unique total sensory experience. Listen, hear, smell, and observe, 
one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world.


Design, installation, and operation of Recycle Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and advanced Water and Wastewater Recycle and Treatment Systems.

Beach Tours

You never know what you may find from one step to the next, from one tide to the next, one day to the next, or from one season to the next! 

Habitat Enhancement

Cultivating native species for habitat enhancement.

True Florida Native Applesnail
Pomacea paludosa

The list of what you might discover on a beach is endless, and all it takes is the desire to explore and ‘get a little sand between your toes’.